What to do if you need a ticket for visa, but you do not want to buy it

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What to do if you need a ticket for visa, but you do not want to buy it

In this situation, special services, travel agencies, as well as options with other modes of transport can be useful.

Reliable way to submit documents for a visa, but buy a ticket after all will have to buy a ticket. Before buying carefully examine the return conditions for tickets. The cheapest tickets should usually return without loss: airlines can hold up to 100% of the ticket price. Business class tickets are much more expensive, but returned without problems. It is better to pay in cash, on the map the money go long.

You can also use the ticket return service on ONETWOTRIP.COM, by connecting the «Package Package» service. For a commission of 9% of the cost of the ticket, you can return to 90% of the cost of non-return tickets. Part of the money is returned to ONETWOTRIP cumulative account for further purchases. Refund request must be filed and confirm 48 hours before departure.

Some airlines return tickets when a visa failure. For example, the Netherlands KLM and International Airlines of Ukraine. In addition, you can arrange insurance from the unbearable.

Here are some services that provide books from day to week.

If, when contacting a visa, the consulate requires a paid ticket, then it is better to download a web booking list from third-party sites. It will not be noted that the reservation is not paid. Here is a list of useful services:

Booking a ticket, enter the 6-digit PNR code in the service, which will come to your email, and specify the surname of the passenger. When you see the status of «confirmed» from your armor, you can print the document.

Services work with different bases, so if in one of them did not find your armor, look in the other.

In some cases, you can extend a ticket booking for a visa through a travel agency for an additional fee.

To confirm the car journey, you will need to provide a route list with a description of a travel plan for each date (indicating cities and hotels), certificate of registration of the vehicle, the Insurance «Green Card», a driver’s license.

Russian Railways offers trips to many cities of the nearest abroad and returns the full cost of the ticket if you have issued a refund no later than 24 hours before departure.

Buy a train ticket to item A and book flight ticket to B. In the event of a return, you will commend the cost of the train ticket, and the air ticket will simply respond.