What to do if you want to jump with a parachute, but scary?

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What to do if you want to jump with a parachute, but scary?

Extreme sports today is becoming increasingly popular. They become publicly available both in the price and organizational terms, all those species of extreme, which once seemed impossible in everyday life. Among the most popular requests for an exciting adventure is a parachute jump. However, despite the strong «want», many are stopping the fears of a different nature.

So what to do, what alternative to look for, if I really want, but ourselves? Especially this question is relevant with the onset of warm times of the year, when it is fit to try something new and unknown.

So, first it is good to figure it out well and understand which of the two conditional categories of people you treat: those that «want, but very scary», or to those who are «scary, but really want.»

In the first case, it is better to just abandon the venture. Nature was no wonder with a sense of self-preservation, and therefore, if the body is not comfortable in these circumstances, perhaps that there are good reasons. But. To make sure that a parachute jump is definitely not for you, you can test yourself by doing a walking flight on the An-2 (it is from this aircraft, as a rule, training jumps are performed) and jumping from a high-rise building or a high bridge on the rope (Rope jumping ). In the first case, you actually appreciate the height with which it will have to deal, and in the second soberly appreciate whether you are able to surrender to the circumstances and jump down, passing the point of non-return.

If you are firmly confident that jumping to your teeth and your fears are not so great, that is, two options for the development of events.

At first


The recommended sequence of moral and physical preparation for the jump is as follows: Make first a walking flight on the An-2, then try out the aerotuba, then proceed to the direction of air on the paratlet. Further on the list of roof-jumping, a papulane walker and an extremal flight on Yak-52 with the possibility of self-controlled aircraft.

It sounds scary, but nothing to be afraid. The walking flight, as mentioned above, is needed to assess the height with which the jump will have to be made.

Aerotruba is a glazed cylindrical installation with strong air pressure from the base. You are just trying to keep the balance and stay on the air flow, rising from the floor in the position «lying on the plastics» at a height of about 1.5 meters.

The paralet is a small trolley with a motor and a parachute that will raise you along with an instructor for a funny mechanical rokot 300 meters from the ground. It will give you the opportunity to actually appreciate the altitude collision with air flows literally face to face, so take care of the mask or about goose fat to keep the skin in order.

Rope jumping will help to overcome yourself and take a step down, after which you will understand how much the body is cumbersome and differs from bird in a free fall.

Walking on the paraglider is especially delightful in the mountains and above the sea, the Spirit will begin to capture when it is tightened in the whirlwind clockwise, then against. At some point you will feel as you can adjust under the flow and accompany him, and it will be unforgettable.

Well, also leave the flight on Yak-52 to the very end and morally tune in to all the delights of the pilot, including the «dead loop» and «Corkscrew». It will be the highest point of air pleasure, especially when you will send the iron car to your hand to the horizon — perhaps, after this, you will be too boring to drive a car.

As a parting word, one can say one thing: soberly evaluate your strength!

Do not stop over yourself if the feeling of fear is too large, because today there are so many alternatives to air extreme. But, in any case, once conquering the sky, you can hardly stop — the temptation is too great to try again!

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