What to do under a plane crash?

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What to do under a plane crash?

Many people are confident that the chances are saved, and the plane crash is close to zero, so do not consider it necessary to carefully study the safety instructions. Although, for example, ASIANA Airlines flight crash 217 proves — subject to evacuation rules, the number of victims can be significantly reduced: in the San Francisco International Airport, the accident managed to save 305 out of 307 people aboard.

Here are a few rules, following which, it is more likely to survive in a plane crash:

Think up a road suit

Going on the journey, choose clothes so that it is most convenient for you in the event of an emergency.

«Imagine that run from the burning aircraft,» Cynthia Corbett advises, a federal civil aviation officer (FAA). — For example, you should not wear high-heeled shoes or lung slaves — you are inconvenient to run. «

Long sleeves and pants can protect against fragments and burns: according to experts of the National Transport Safety Council (NTSB), 68% of victims fall on fires arising after accidents.
«It is important that during freelance situations shoes have not fallen from your feet, and the open surfaces of the body were protected by a dense cloth, like a denim,» Korbett added.

Choose a place in the cabin when buying a ticket

According to the research of the magazine «Popular Mechanics», the safest places are located in the tail of the cabin.

After analyzing the fleet air crash, which occurred over the past 40 years, experts lead such statistics: on average, sitting in the back of the cabin 40% more chances to survive. Also try to stay close to emergency exit and closer to the passage between the rows.

Professor Ed Galea, Fire Safety Specialist from Greenwich University in England, found out that the surviving passengers usually sit within five rows of emergency exits: according to him, during the emergence of an emergency, it is better to sit closer to the aisle than at the porthole or in the middle.

takes off and landing

Experts argue that the most dangerous time is the first three minutes after takeoff and eight minutes before landing: force majeure occurs more often at these stages of flight — at this time it is better not to remove shoes and not lose sight of two closest emergency exit.

Manual stalls located under the seat of the passenger sitting ahead — it will help to avoid injuries, because it will not allow you to slip under the chair in front, because the fractures of the feet among victims of the aircraft crash are quite common.

If you cannot avoid crashing or emergency landing, behave calmly, do not give in panic. Take the so-called «survival posture»: crossed palm, put them on the back of the seat on the front, then press the forehead to the palms — so more chances to survive with an accident, if there are no seats in front, lean forward and hug your knees.

Also remove all sharp and angular items like auto bulls and keys from the pockets: in emergency conditions, even the usual calculation may cause harm.

Rule 90 seconds

Remember, if after the fall of the aircraft you can leave the interior within 90 s, the chances of saving significantly increase: some passengers in a state of panic are not able to even unzip the seat belt — their bodies are then found, sitting in chairs.

In an interview with «Webmd», Cynthia Corbett told:

«It is important to know how to behave in emergency conditions, even if no indication of the crew is not received: it happens that people just sit and wait for them when they say that they need to do, and the situation in the meantime is exacerbated.»

In the incident with a flight of 217 most victims managed to avoid, because the victims managed to quickly evacuate from the aircraft.

«If someone knew, everything could be much worse,» said John Hansman, head of the international center of air traffic, and Corbette adds: «Do not try to find and collect your luggage, you can leave precious time.»

Not more dangerous than on the escalator in the subway

Transportation experts are encouraged: according to NTSB statistics, only one of 1.2 million commercial flights falls into an accident: aircraft crews carefully work out measures to prevent various emergency situations, new secure non-toxic materials and more advanced fire-fighting systems of winged cars are created.

The chance to perish in a plane crash is 1 to 11,000,000, whereas, for example, in a car accident — 1 to 5000, so now it is much safer to fly for a person than led the car.

«Being on board the airliner, you risks no more than going down in the metro on an escalator,» John Hansman said «ABC News».

«I believe that traveling through the air is the safest way of movement,» Corbett summed up. — But during the flight, we should not forget about the safety and rules of behavior on board. Do not be afraid to fly, just follow the instructions clearly. «