What to do when everyone wants you too «jumped from the bridge»?

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What to do when everyone wants you too «jumped from the bridge»?

Imitating adults and children, a man, being a child himself, more than once hears the instructions of parents: «And if everyone is jumping from the bridge, you will jump too?». It is taught that it is not necessary to repeat everything for others. It is necessary to think your head, strive to implement personal desires, and not be a «parrot».

Becoming an adult, a person faces the fact that society begins to demand. In each situation, someone is waiting for something from him and is not ready to accept objections. From a person is waiting for he will «jump from the bridge with everyone.» If he refuses, it faces with insults, misunderstanding and even insults. More than once you can hear in such a situation «What kind of bad») «, although you simply did not make the fact that you were expected, but did in your own way.

What to do when everyone wants you too «jumped from the bridge»? Even parents are included in this game, which in childhood they taught not to repeat over the surrounding. How to resist the society?

Ask a question: why should you do what you need from you? Specify it not only to people, but also yourself. Let really good arguments appear why you should «jump from the bridge», and not reasonably act.

You must clearly understand what you want from yourself and what they are waiting for others. Do not act if you do not quite understand what is required from you. Do not clarify the situation, it is better not to perform actions.

In order not to «jump from the bridge» with others, you need to understand personal aspirations. People do the same as everyone, because they forget or have no desires at all. «Jump from the bridge» — at least some action than any at all. You do not want to do the same as everyone? You need to remember what you are striving for what you want to achieve, and make more efforts to achieve the desired per minute when something expects from you.

To do with everyone — an easy life option. He implies complete human submission to the crowd. If you want to live at your discretion, then you have to defend personal desires and do only what you want, move away from the edge and not «jump from the bridge» for people.