What to give the boss to the birthday?

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What to give the boss to the birthday?

Choosing a gift for the boss is not a lung. It is important to comply with the subordination and the rules of etiquette. Few people knowing their leader so close to choose exactly the thing that will like. Begin to prepare for the holiday in advance. If the whole team connected is excellent. Surely, at least one bright head comes the necessary thought. An important role is played and the gift box is played, because it will make the first impression.

There are gifts that will suit almost any person. Any woman in the office uses accessories. Take a closer to the boss, maybe she loves good handles, constantly uses a diary or does not have business cards. This can also include decorative objects, such as paintings, figurines, vases, but need to know the taste preferences of the boss.

If your relationship with the head is warm, unofficial, you can give something more personal, or even done with your own hands. It can be a photo collage, a wall newspaper with verses and caricatures and the like.

If you know the hobbies and the hobbies of the boss, it will be noticeably easier to choose. It can be different sets for creativity or sports equipment.

To give cosmetics, perfume and personal hygiene tools is considered a bad tone, unless the boss itself asked to present her favorite spirits or lipstick.

It is not customary to give scenery for the house, as it is difficult to choose a thing suitable for the style of the apartment and answering the taste of the head.

Do not forget about the flowers. They, in contrast to the gift itself, may not be as official. Do not hesitate to choose bright colors, because the boss is a woman, whatever she was. A bouquet can be decorated with decorative accessories associated with your work.