What to wear a leopard skirt to look perfect?

18 Сен

What to wear a leopard skirt to look perfect?

Leopard skirts for many seasons remain the main trend. Many women buy themselves this spotted miracle, and then do not know what to do with it and how to wear. But there is a huge number of options, images, combinations, many of which have long been accepted as a classic.

That it suits almost all women. It can be worn as brunettes and blondes. Stunning leopard color looks on red girls: clothing of this type makes them similar to predatory cats.

Girls with blond hair usually go light and not loaded images. Bright colors in combination with the leopard are not welcome, like cold colors. In no case can not wear anything spotted or striped. From the girl in such an outfit for the mile will bear a terrible taste. The rest of the clothes should be one tone — preferably a color that would not attract attention.

A good addition to decorations made of yellow gold. Clothes colors: brown, cream, warm red, white, black. In combination with a leopard print skirt, white shirts or blouses look great. For an interesting, but at the same time, a slightly official image is suitable for the throat of warm brown shades. Top to wear the same color jacket and dilute all accessories. Black shirt, reliating with a leopard skirt, looks very sexy and defiantly. You can add a belt or a yellow metal chain. Outfit for any occasions, except, of course, official events.

Brunettes — the full opposite of blondes, and in combination with the leopard skirt will go, on the contrary, cold shades. Dark colors are welcome, capable of making a girl charming, exciting, feminine. The image consisting of a leopard skirt, a bright shirt and a blue (gray) vest looks very interesting. A great supplement will make dark heel shoes.

You can wear blue (possibly green) turtleneck, jacket and leopard skirt, adding black accessories. Very sexy image: black tight jacket, leopard skirt, black lacquered heel shoes and screaming red accessories. For example, a bright bag. No man will not stand in front of a woman dressed like that.

Red-haired girls can not wear a leopard print skirt in conjunction with cold-colors’ clothing. They are perfectly suitable for all shades of brown, red, warm orange. The best combination for every day for red girls will be a blouse of corporal color and a leopard skirt. And you can put on a leopard sweater to the leopard skirt — and now we are already a cat girl. And, of course, black. Black top and spotted bottom — what goes without exception to all girls.