What will happen if bulk in space

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What will happen if bulk in space

Yes, this question is very interesting.

Let’s try to figure out what happens if you poop in space.

If the cosmonaut buses on the space station, nothing will happen. If only not to consider the angry colleagues, confused, worn behind him with a wrench 🙂

The space station has a whole system of providing life.

Including forced ventilation and filtering, ensuring air degasiation. Therefore, intestinal gases will be quickly neutralized.

In scaffold

But here the consequences can be more serious … Spawner is a reduced copy of the orbital space station.

As at the station, there are instruments in the scaffle, providing ventilation and air purification.

First, the space is a tiny closed space. If the cosmonaut buses, he will have to sniff their own metabolic products. Of course, the built-in filters will gradually clean the air. But it may need a lot of time.

It is likely that a person may suffocate its own intestinal gases and die …

But this is possible only in theory. For such ridiculous death, the cosmonaut should emit smelly gases very and very long 🙂

Secondly, the optimal pressure is maintained in the scaffle. Gas, if it is really a lot, is able to increase the pressure and inflate the player. This is fraught with trouble. For example, astronaut will not be able to crawl into the hatch to return to the station 🙂

Without a skatewood in open space

Without protective equipment, a person will live in the open space no more than a minute. But let’s imagine that it was miraculously not the scary of the cosmic abyss. The man was in space in some cowards and suddenly carried it …

In theory, he must become a small rocket. How far flies a man?

If this happened in the orbit of the Earth, the rocket man is unlikely to fly more than a pair of centimeters. It will slow down it at once with three large celestial bodies — earth, moon and sun.

Well, imagine that the person was in a place where there are no big celestial bodies and the influence of gravity is minimal. In theory, even a small bunch can give a person to a pulse, thanks to which he will fly in space endlessly. However, there are three

First, find such a place in the Universe problematic. Gravity, let the weakest, eat everywhere.

Secondly, space is not an absolute vacuum. In outer space, albeit in an insignificant amount, the substance is scattered. So a rocket man still collides with friction force, which will slow down his flight.

Thirdly, to fly as long as possible, a missile man on the «start» should have at least the 1st space speed. It is difficult to imagine that there should be a person, and with what force are gases from his intestines are obliged to escape to achieve such a crazy speed 🙂

And sooner or later, a rocket person will be treated in some great heavenly body, which will capture him with his attraction.

And even if you imagine that there is no gravity, the released gas will not move, because there is no gravity so that heavier air moves somewhere, and there are no air flows so that it spreads.

Man just remains one on one in this gas «cloud».

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