What will happen if drinking vinegar? Consequences on the body. Is it possible to survive?

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What will happen if drinking vinegar? Consequences on the body. Is it possible to survive?

Vinegar is known to people since the times of ancient Rome: then it was used as an antiseptic in the treatment of wounds. In cooking, this acid began to use much later. Represents a colorless liquid with a characteristic sharp smell. In everybody, 6 or 9 percent vinegar is mainly applied. With it, products can be preserved and various marinades are prepared. Also in small quantities, it is added to some dishes for the giving of kissing. Vinegar 70 percent is rarely used, however, it also occurs on kitchen shelves in homes.

Consider in the article Highlights:

There are many types of vinegar: balsamic, wine, rice, apple. The poisoning of this acid can be both light and moderate or heavy:

The adoption of vinegar inside, even in small quantities — for example, in the size of the tablespoon, instantly causes a feeling of acute pain in the mouth and the esophagus.

While the top departments of the digestive system will greatly suffer from chemical burns, the stomach will show themselves more persistently, because the natural medium in it is acidic. However, it is hardly helping to win time: under the influence of hydrogen ions, the tissue of the organ walls will begin to gradually die, because the vinegar falling on them will launch the process of folding the protein — the main component of the human body.

Next, the acid will be absorbed into the blood and cause the process of its oxidation. The body will react to this emission of free hemoglobin, which will subsequently give a high load on the liver and kidney — the sharp insufficiency of both bodies can lead to death.

The first thing to be done is to call an ambulance. Arriving doctors will provide qualified medical care. At that time, while doctors on the way, it is worth trying to drink as much purity as possible. No need to add to it soda — it will make it only worse.

In order to reduce the severity of pain, can be applied to the neck and jaw area, a cloth moistened in cold water.

Upon arrival, doctors will hold the following actions:

In cases where more than 12 hours passed from the moment of poisoning, these actions are impractical. In such a situation, the body’s reaction is unpredictable: a person will survive or die already depends no longer from the efforts of doctors, but from the body’s own forces.

If you just sniff the vinegar, nothing terrible will happen: the maximum that it can happen — it will begin to pinch in the nose. However, if a long time to inhale his couples may appear in the throat and overall malaise. Some people mix water vinegar and use the resulting solution to purify various devices, such as microwaves. However, it is worth remembering that it is unsafe — it is desirable to apply specialized funds for this that are adapted to clean household appliances and have passed inspection of harmlessness. It is always worth remembering that even if you just drop apple vinegar on the skin, you can get a chemical burn.