What will happen if not to sleep for a week? Consider on time

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What will happen if not to sleep for a week? Consider on time

If a person does not sleep a day, then no serious consequences for his health will cause it, but a long time of wakefulness will lead to a collection of circadian cycle, which is determined by the setting of human biological watches.

If a person is not sleeping for a day, he, first, will feel fatigue, secondly, he may have problems with memory and attention.

This is due to the violation of the neocortex functions responsible for the memory and ability to learn.

If a person does not go to bed two-thro days, then a violation of coordination in movements will be added to fatigue and memory problems with memory, serious problems with the concentration of thoughts and visual concentration will begin.

In addition to the «brain» complications, a digestive system will also begin «rebel». This is due to the fact that a long time of wakefulness activates in the body a protective evolutionary mechanism «Turning or running».

A person will enhance the development of leptin and the appetite will increase (with addiction to salty and fatty food), the body, in response to the stressful situation, will launch the function of preserving fats and generating hormones responsible for insomnia.

A person, oddly enough, in this period will not be easy to fall asleep, even if he wants.

On the fourth and fifth day without sleep, a person can start appearing hallucinations, it will become extremely irritable.

Five days after a person, a person will slow down the work of the main brain sites, neural activity will be extremely weak.

Serious disorders will be observed in the parietal zone responsible for logic and mathematical abilities, so the solution even the simplest arithmetic tasks will be an unbearable task for a person.

Already mentioned hallucinations will begin to occur due to failure in the work of the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

On the sixth seventh days without sleep, a person will have little similar to himself at the beginning of this sleepless marathon.

His behavior will be extremely strange, hallucinations will be both visual and auditory.

By the seventh days without sleep, the body will experience serious stress of all organism systems, brain neurons will be low-active, the heart muscle is worn, immunity due to the passivity of T-lymphocytes will almost cease to resist viruses and bacteria, the liver will experience huge loads.

In general, such experiments with health are extremely dangerous.