What will happen if you congratulate a person happy birthday in advance: signs

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What will happen if you congratulate a person happy birthday in advance: signs

Birthday — a special date. In this holiday, you can enjoy the jokes of the friends of A la «Kapets, you’re old,» «another year closer to death,» «I did not spare you» and others. And what if someone congratulated in advance? Suverval, go for Valerian or roll a heel. Ready? Why you can not need to congratulate on your birthday to learn in the article.

On this occasion there are two superstitions:

It is unlikely that someone will want to wish a close person to a problem or glue the flies at all (attention, mother-in-law is also a person). Therefore, boldly postpone a gift to the cherished date. Well, or, as a last resort, congratulations later, if on this day, for example, a business trip is planned. The last celebration is not a misfortune compared to a possible danger.

One Old Slavonic belief also states that angels are descended on the birthday’s birthday to help realize wishes. They ask God to realize them. Who then hear them if you congratulate a person in advance? A rhetorical question.

Obviously there are those who say it is all nonsense. Let it, but even in this case it is stupid to congratulate the fact that, in fact, has not yet happened. No one puts the New Year tree in the summer. It will interfere, it’s inappropriate to look and, most importantly, dull a festive moment.

Should I believe in it? Or is it all stupid prejudices and prejudices? How many people, so many opinions. In essence, superstitions and signs are the knowledge and observation of ancestors that are moving from generation to generation. Listen to them — means honoring their traditions.

One thing is clearly clear — the bad signs are inclined to come true because of the faith in them. Superstitions have a stronger impact on the psyche, which we imagine. They live no longer — most people actually instinctively knock on a tree or spit three times through the left shoulder. Imractivity in such cases may not know the boundaries. Yes, and do not forget about the powerful power of self-sufficiency.

The culprit of the celebration, having received a happy birthday congratulation in advance, will be subconsciously wait for the trouble or problem, and, as you know, who is looking for — he will always find.

Of course, believe in signs or not — everyone solves personally for themselves. They can how to poison our lives and help. Evidence that superstitions work are absent, as well as evidence of their incapacity. However, personal experience shows that even with the position «I do not believe in all this nonsense» there is a psychological discomfort, when a black cat breaks the mirror with an empty bucket.

Turn to the magicians

The answer to the question is why it is impossible to congratulate on your birthday in advance, they give esoterica. They believe that during the name day there is a «reinstalling system». The energy field is reset, updated, its new birth occurs, so it is very vulnerable during this period. The guardian angel goes on vacation and temporarily leaves a person to report before God for the last year of his ward. Sloach or send damage at this stage will not be much difficult. The energy field can be so weak and thin that the person who was congratulated in advance, risks not to live to a day or die shortly after him. People who commend the perpetrator of the celebration of congratulations ahead, take away his luck, well-being and health. The more premature wishes (whatever they were sincere and kind), the higher the risk of sad consequences.

Do not believe? Skepticism is, of course, a very healthy and beneficial property of human nature, but let’s face the truth. It is enough to compare the dates of birth and death, for example, celebrities. Many of them died a month of their birth. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Modern magicians argue that due to early wishes, the course of fate is disturbed and karma is distorted. And for further life it will reflect, naturally, negatively.

What to do if congratulated ahead of time

It is certainly not worth scoring the «offender» arrow. Yes, and the «Wedge Wedge wedge is embroodble» also does not work here. It is possible that the addresant did not even know why they do not congratulate the birthday in advance. To smooth out the consequences of this act will help the prayer-overlap «Angel of My Birth.» She will protect people from troubles and evil thoughts.

Also impossible to take a premature gift for the birthday. If there are no other options, then you need to pay a compatible coin to turn the process in the sale of sale. Or mentally cross the present when adopting and saying to himself: «I take only what is visible to the eye, which is out of sight, leave with you.»

Court to cope with wishes more difficult. Ideally, have time to say to the speaker so that he does not want anything. So the sign will not be activated. Well, if congratulations have already been sent to SMS, then we return to the first recommendation.

«Unfortunately, a birthday only once a year,» everyone knows this song. But here the gene probably did not know that there are such «lucky», whose once every four years — at the semi-existent day on February 29. How to be in this case, can it be happy to congratulate you on your birthday?

No, in this case it is also not accepted to rush. Although some sources claim that in the not leap year to go to visit the birthday girl to congratulate, you can already on February 28. It is impossible, because the birthday should come. If you do not want to attract trouble in his life, wait until March 1.