What will happen if you eat the glue moment.

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What will happen if you eat the glue moment.

But despite this, to take into the viscous liquid is unlikely to come to mind. After all, damage to health will immediately give themselves to know:

On the territory of the post-Soviet space, cyanoacrylate compositions are made to designate the excellent prefix «Super». That is the so-called imported American trademark, which entered the USSR market.

Cyanoacrylate has excellent product properties, but is extremely dangerous for a person. Here is a list of what will have to face when the superclaud in the mouth is hit:

Even after a long time after frozen, this substance should not have direct contact with food and drinking water. So, it is impossible to use superciles to fasten the broken dishes.

Help the victim must be immediately:

If there are small children or pets in the house, you need to show significant responsibility. And this applies not only to proper upbringing. It is necessary to remember the high level of reference requirements and storage of hazardous substances. Then you do not have to painfully seek the answer to the question of what will happen if drinking glue.

The main weight of the adhesives is a mixture, the basis for which synthetic resins are transformed under the influence of hardeners in unbalanced adhesive compositions. They include a number of components: film consumers, solvents, hardeners, fillers, plasticizers, etc.

The amount of adhesive compositions in the modern market exceeds 10,000. The most common polymers protruding in a solvent complex as adhesives: polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylate, polyamides, phenol and formaldehyde resins, polyurethanes, epoxy resins, rubber, silicone compounds, and others.

Most often in various household and specialized spheres, the following adhesive compositions are used:

The toxicity of adhesives is determined by the release of poisonous vapors or direct influence (when contacting the skin and mucous membranes), including solvents included in their composition.

Most often, the poisoning of glue occurs under the following circumstances:

Despite the ability of adhesives to have a toxic effect during suction through intact skin cover, the main method of poisoning is respiratory (respiratory).

The poisoning of adhesive compositions can flow both in acute shape and in chronic, with long-term exposure to small doses of toxin.

For acute poisoning, characteristic:

The reverse development of intoxication quickly occurs after the cessation of contact with poisonous pairs: hallucinatory images disappear after 1-1.5 min, orientation is restored in space and time, the ability to evaluate the environment, headache, dizziness, lethargy, weakness, nausea, vomiting appear.

Objectively, the victim is noted:

With prolonged professional contact with substances included in the composition of adhesive, chronic intoxication is possible, due to the defeat of different organs and systems:

Complaints presented in chronic poisoning of adhesives, nonspecific:

First aid for poisoning glue

Medical care is needed if:

The victim is hospitalized into the toxicological department, where disintellation therapy is obtained:

In addition to the specific, the victim receives symptomatic treatment, depending on the developing or threatening complications:

When inhalation of vapors or episodes, local complications are developing on the skin and mucous membranes: conjunctivitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, laryngotrachite, bronchitis, dermatitis, eczema.

With high concentrations of toxin vapors in the air, with long-term contact with leather or use of glue inside, it is possible to develop more severe complications:

Compliance with the following rules will help to avoid poisoning with glue:

Information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes. At the first signs of the disease, consult a doctor. Self-health is dangerous to health!

Glue is a sticky consistency in the composition, which has polymers, epoxy resins. The conditions of the outer environment are pressure, temperature regime, activate the binding means of glue. They bind a broken, broken surface. The poisoning of glue is due to pairs in which chemicals dangerous to humans are contained.

Knowing the composition, class of adhesive substance, you can warn or reduce the consequences of intoxication.

Poisoning glue times negatively affects health due to toxicity of matter. It causes:

BF glue worst affects the body. He oppresses the central nervous system, provokes the cloud of consciousness, depletes the nervous system, destroys the cells of the brain.

Even the usual paper glue, cardboard cause intoxication. In the risk group, children who may accidentally swallow it inside. When ingested, it burns the mucous membrane of the mouth and the nasal cavity, the esophagus.

Easy intoxication appears when inhaling PVA vapors, «moment» glue (if you breathed less than 10-15 minutes)

For example, the symptoms of thermosetting glue BF are observed mainly by the central nervous system.

Wall-glue poisoning threatens to man if the safety technique is not complied with during the repair. Signs make themselves known a few hours after working with a substance.

The most dangerous categories include synthetic adhesives, in the pairs of which contains phenol, benzene and acetone.

How to behave in poisoning with a certain type of glue is described below.

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