What will happen next millennium?

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What will happen next millennium?

Future with aliens — why not? Some are confident that aliens are already among us. Detect extraterrestrial reasonable life will most likely be not easy, on the verge of the impossible. It will be necessary to develop space technology to a qualitatively different level, take all possible precautions … But the end of the company «loneliness in the universe» is definitely worth it.

The future outside the Earth is sad, but not the worst option. Our planet can be destroyed by natural cataclysms or we simply exhaust minerals, and then you have to look for a new home. Mars seems to be a good initial point … But the main dreams are, of course, are associated with the colonization of other star systems.

The future with limitless energy and a clean environment can be achieved through the invention of advanced nanorobots. They would purify water and air, while ensuring the needs of humanity, collecting solar energy. Given the current problems of the Earth, such a step would like to see as soon as possible.

The technological future implies not only the development of technology, but also a literal alloy with it. Today we use more and more information and entertainment gadgets; Perhaps not far from the mountain that day when the displays will be built directly into the eyes? The merger of a person and computer is not so scary as it seems — at least, it will be possible not to be afraid of the rebellion of cars.

Future without overpopulation. The population of the earth is growing at 1-1.5% each year, and in such a pace after a hundred years it will double. And if there are enough space on the planet, the question of world famine is much sharper. Exit is not only a technology that allows you to create a nutritious and cheap meal «out of air», but also the correct distribution of material resources.

The future with reasonable machines is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. If you are not lucky to meet aliens, our neighbors can become reasonable robots created by us. Considering how artificial intelligence will develop for a thousand years, will not be boring for sure.

Studying space from Earth in the future will play an essential role. We can not only understand how the universe works, but also to predict any space dangers that threaten our planet to effectively prevent them. In addition, the search for signs of extraterrestrial mind and new planets for colonization has not been canceled.

The extension of human life in the future is one of those tasks, the work on which is unlikely to ever stop. Solution Option — Medical Nanorobots, Cleaning and Protecting Organism, together with leukocytes, slowing aging and, of course, healing cancer. And it brings us to the next item …

Immortality in the future is the very ideal to count if not all, then the vast majority of people. Will it be achieved through biotechnology, nanotechnology or alloy of people with machines — not so important. In 1800, the average life expectancy was 37 years old, in our days — about 70. Do we reach the limit or can you break through it? It all depends on ourselves.

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