Where are the portals in other reality?

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Where are the portals in other reality?

Where do the essences come from, which we consider aliens? Not at all the fact that with other planets. They can live in other dimensions and penetrate to us through portals — special places where space-temporal reality come into contact with each other. The portal may have clear geographic coordinates, but other measurements have their own coordinate systems.

Forms of other life

American Physicists Fainberg and R. Shapiro share the forms of life that can dwell in parallel with us measurements into the following categories.

Portals through which the forms of different life penetrate us

According to the American Ufolog Gary Hart, some forms of life are not part of our reality, but they can penetrate to us through portals located at certain points of the globe. Here, presumably some of them.

Sedona (SSH, Shot Arizona)

Almost all locals at least once watched in the area of NLO Sedones. Most of all the abnormal phenomena is observed 15 kilometers from the town. Harry Hart himself happened to make many pictures and videos there. At the filmed frames — bright yellow or orange dripping objects, groups of blue lights, combined into «Figures», reminiscent of butterflies, stands of clear outlines woven from fog.

Hart claims that the portal opening can be noticed. Before that, an unusual fog is formed. The space at the opening site of the portal is distorted, flicker may be observed in the air. The presence of the portal can react instruments — compasses, magnetometers.

Mamana (Mount Hai Mark, Peru)

Not far from the Peruvian city of Puno is the mountain High Mark, where, according to legend, there are Mamani — «Gateway to the country of the Gods.» On the surface of the cliff seen the image in the form of the face with dimensions seven seven meters with a small deepening in the center. The legend says that once the local inches could pass through these «gates» and communicate on the other side with the gods. Many of them after this journey allegedly became immortal. There is also a belief that one day the gates will open and the gods will come out from there, and their appearance will be like the Sun …

Our contemporaries, who visited here, say that, putting a hand to «gates», felt a strange tingling. Some heard pleasant music, reminiscent of something religious, other hallucinations arose …

By the way, Ufologists believe that the Mamani portal is connected with Titicaca Lake, in the vicinity of which unidentified flying objects often observe — mostly blue spheres and bright white discs.

Scythian Kurgans (Ukraine)

It is possible that through portals can be in our world and the mysterious and legendary beast of Chupacabra, the Ukrainian researcher, Vladimir Litovka, believes.

«The creature, called» Chupacabra «, penetrates our world through spatial-temporal portals, which are located in the locations of the Kurgan Scythian necropolia,» he says. — Ancient Scythians, for the burial of their kings, chose special places with severe energy. They believed that only here the dead would be able to get into the afterlife. Since 2009, about 50 cases of the activity of the Chupacabra phenomenon are registered in such places with severe energy. «

According to Vladimir Litovka, the chupacabrs penetrate our measurement through the mounds of ancient necropolis in the Sumy region. He told that every night for two years from Scythian graves heard someone’s terrible cries. At the same time, strange traces of an unknown creature remain in the snow in the snow …

Of course, it is possible that all the so-called «portals» are nothing more than the game of imagination of lovers of abnormal phenomena and that all the data of the phenomena have some explanation in the framework of the materialistic paradigm of the world … But so far these facts have been proven by anyone and are not refuted. So at the level of the hypothesis «Transitions» in other measurements may well exist.