Where was my half laid?

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Where was my half laid?

It is believed that each person somewhere in the world lives his half. Meet her — great luck. Only with such a person you can build a happy family.

Fate sends us those who need only twice: in adolescence and in adulthood, if we missed your happiness before.

How to recognize that next to you your second half? You will immediately feel it. Passion will not eclipse your eyes, the heart will not be madded. You will feel quiet, serene. This confidence is that nothing bad will happen to you, you will all overcome with your beloved.

It will not look like you at all. After all, only opposites are attracted. But this is a very valuable opposite. She is complementary. There are no bells on trifles. And the disadvantages of your beloved only die. Such connections are very strong. A person close to you is able to understand even the lowest of your act. He will find any excuse for you.

Very often, dreaming about the princes, we skip the loyal view of a neighbor boy. We can not believe that this non-fried, angular guy will be able to make us happy. He does not admire us. But not only appearance can surprise. People have a variety of talents. Listen to man carefully — a rare gift. Being all my life to a devotee to one person — this is what admiration worthy of admiration.

You are not lucky — you met our half very late. There was another family there. It is not necessary to interfere in someone else’s life. It is already happiness that your person lives with you in the same city. To be friends with him is a pleasure. This is the most devoted and reliable friend. Just talking to him, you can feel the fullness of life.

Maybe your half is somewhere near, but you do not notice her. Do not worry, sooner or later you will meet with her. And it does not matter what status your fate will be. Feel all the fullness of life, reveal all your good qualities of character, learn to trust people and be able to admire their affairs — this is happiness.