Who threw the first?

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Who threw the first?

People are different. And in matters of love relationship, people also behave differently. Everyone knows such a phenomenon like parting. In the modern world, people often change their partners. With one character, it is not similar, with other glances did not come together, the third did not understand, etc. The reasons for parting people will always find. But who became his initiator? Who threw the first?

Of course, love relationships are broken at the request of both partners. But it happens when one of the partners are not ready to part. As a result, he stuck in thoughts in past relations, working out various options for the return of a former partner.

The one who becomes the initiator of parting, more often makes it consciously, respectively, understands that after his act he will remain alone. The one who threw, can be both consonant with a former partner, and not unaware of such a turn of events.

Depending on who threw the first to whom, people suffer or calmly say goodbye to the departed partners. There are people who suffer because they are not, and they threw them. They may already understand the entire benefit of the union break. They are glad that there is no relationship. But one problem is available: they have not thrown, but they! Even if we are talking about independent, successful and quite active people in life, for them it can be a blow to a pride that the rupture of relations occurred not on their initiative.

The one who threw, suffers more than the one who threw. Events are well unfolded when both partners are ready to rupture relations. But this happens rarely. In the most unprofitable position here is the one who will be the last on the list is ready to terminate the love alliance.