Why amnesia arises

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Why amnesia arises

Head and spinal cord work together. It is this type of protective function that is checked by a doctor when he knocks the patient’s knee and watches his leg reacts. This reflex is a kind of way to ensure relaxation of tendons in our body. Checking the knee, the doctor stretches the tendon of the patella and a pickler. Then the muscles of the legs are compressed to replace the stress from the tendon again.

The spinal cord also helps to manage routine reactions that can be considered too insignificant for the brain. For example, things like visiting toilet, eye blink and so on. And, of course, the work of the muscles. Most of us do not even think about this process, which happens 24 hours a day. Thanks to the help of the spinal cord performing this function, the brain remains free to make up more complex tasks.

It is mostly caused by a malfunction in the system of reticular activation — networks of cells that participate in memory. This may be caused by a number of factors, including physical or emotional stress, immersion in cold water and the sudden effect of heat or cold. However, less than ten percent of the victims of the first amnesia will suffer from further attacks, and the symptoms will disappear after a short time.

There is no single hypotheses about why amnesia appears. The overall idea is that amnesia is some form of epilepsy, accompanied by poor blood circulation and migraines. Also one of the reasons is the problem with the veins. We can provoke amnesia and the performance of heavy exercise, for example, heavy athletics. In this case, the inflow of blood in the brain slows down, which causes amnesia. As the prevention of amnesia, it is sometimes worth taking medicines that remove cholesterol from the human body. The most dangerous period is age from 56 to 72 years.
The brain along with the spinal cord provides the normal functioning of the human body. They also provide our security. For example, thanks to the spinal cord, the person will cut a hand from a hot plate, confusing himself.

All this once again emphasizes the importance of such an organ in the human body, like the brain. That is why it is always worth carefully checking health even after the slightest head injury.