«Why do people do not fly like birds?»

17 Сен

«Why do people do not fly like birds?»

But people fly! Someone — as a sparrow, someone — like a shaking, someone — as an eagle, someone — like a swan, someone — like a vulture. Only not everyone see their flight, and among those who see, there are always those who do not like this. It would seem, do not like — come out, do not pay attention.

Just do not bother a person who has become able to fly, soar on freedom, feeling support for air flows. Even the shaking, whose wings flashes so often that their outlines are impossible to consider.

Why throw in the learned to fly people stones? Why give the will of black malice, fastened by envy of the same black color?

And there are also people who could become birds, and even managed to know the joy of the first flight.

Let him be and a short-natal, but he was. That’s just did not have time to go to the height, where the «wing colleagues» will help, and the air flow will support, slightly adjusts the direction of flight.

And I would like such a letower to try to take a second time, but it does not work. There is no confidence in our own forces, and those who love to collect stones have managed to walk on the wings.

Not a bird, but not a person. Poultry people, wrap, look around. Remember yourself what you were when I learned to fly, how much for you meant support.

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