Why do people drink?

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Why do people drink?

First, alcohol operates relaxing and frees from internal restrictions. People begin to drink to enjoy and divide with comrades arising from the arise. Some believe that alcohol gives temporary relief in terms of difficult tolerated feelings, such as boredom, suggestion, tension, anxiety, sadness or despondency. Also alcohol temporarily makes us forget about your

If the use of any substance implies so much


In a very simplified form, a vicious circle that creates alcohol, you can describe as follows:

For example: Martin was needed to hand over the car to repair, which means that he had large expenses. Financial difficulties vanished it in the a state of frustration. To get rid of negative feelings, in the evening he drank a bottle of strong alcohol. The next day, he came to work with a hangover and an hour later, as a result, he quit with the boss. This in turn made him worry about work, as the main source of income and his future. The need to fucked alcohol emotions is only stronger.

On the one hand, alcohol affects the chemical processes in the brain in such a way that anxiety and depression arise. On the other hand, the dullness of the feelings of alcohol leads to the fact that the person does not do

Also alcohol causes