Why do you like horror movies?

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Why do you like horror movies?

Horror films are a special movie genre, which is not found not all because of the cruel scenes abundance of fear and excavation adrenaline. But there are people who are not enough acute sensations in real life, but they will not join the Tarzanka or conquer Everest. But they will be happy to tickle the nerves with another horror.

Such a genre of cinema is like and those who want to make a feat who lack chucks. Yes, yes, such a person has strong nerves and steel will, it is difficult to scare something. He does not see in the life of applying his feats, but ready to rush into battle at any moment. In the meantime, it looks like another ghost terrorizing the inhabitants of the ancient castle.

The horrorists love both those who want to have protection and patronage. This applies to girls who pumped to the guy while watching Slasher and understand that they can rely on their young man. And then romance … such a movie brings together lovers, it is directly recommended for viewing. And yet those who stopped appreciating their lives. Such films dispense and show that not everything is so bad, not a zombie apocalypse after all in the yard.