Why dry wine?

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Why dry wine?

To begin, I may say what you may know without me: Wine is called dry not only in Russia, but in all other countries. So this is not «translation difficulties» — everything is literally.

Now «dry wine» is a steady expression that is familiar to everyone, but it appeared and has strengthened it. As you know, dry wines are wines with a minimum amount of sugar, which is why they were considered at all times the best and most natural wines. Actually, and are considered so far.

So, the «dry wine» expression appeared as the designation that the sugar in wine is fully removed, that is, «dryness». Rather, it is better to make hands here and say: well, that’s how it was happening.

By the way, sugar still remains, but in very small values. Not more than 1%.

In fact, sugar is completely removed from the wine, turning into alcohol during fermentation. And if the fermentation is fully completed, then the wine is dry.

To get semi-dry, sweet and semi-sweet wines need special technologies.

Wine dry is a drink

Semi-dry, semi-sweet, ordinary, vintage, collectible wines are obtained only by various processing dry.

The chemical composition of dry wine is complicated and diverse. In addition to ethyl alcohol, it contains

Red dry increases blood hemoglobin, prevents diseases of the vessels, has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, purifies blood and prevents the development of cancer cells.

The main difference of dry wines is color. Exist S.

If the fermentation was used by juice of such grapes as

With fermentation juice

In its composition, the drink contains

Sugarity of grapes should be 15-22% and depends on many factors, one of the mains are the grade and terrain of growth. The colder, the harder the grapes and its fruits are aging of a greater acid, rather than sugar.

Wine without sugar leads to weak fermentation, which affects the quality of the finished drink.

Here are some

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