Why everyone uses these 3 councils how to love his child, and you are not?

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Why everyone uses these 3 councils how to love his child, and you are not?

Have you met a man of your dreams? He is smart, with a sense of humor and well suits you. It was with him that you would like to create a family. It turns out, however, that your beloved already has a child. In this situation, you must first think if you really want to spend the rest of your life?

If yes, you need to know what tying your life with him, you also associate it with his child. Perhaps you will no longer be jealous of your partner to his child, but you should know what his behavior is testifies to his favor. Be honest with yourself and think if you want to be with a person who is not interested in his own child?

If you have already decided and are ready for solid relationships, you should know that now you will be an important person in the life of your partner and his child. On the other hand, remember that you cannot make his baby love you. You are a stranger for him, and he is not obliged to respond to you positively. Come to this issue with great patience and understanding.

For many reasons. First, you must learn the feelings and responsibilities related to the presence of a child. Secondly, you can meet with misunderstanding from your friends. Often, people who do not know situations think stereotypically. You should also remember: no matter how firmly you were not tied to the child’s child, he already has a mother — do not attempt to replace it. Never blame yourself. The fact that his parents were divorced for a long time — this is not your fault. Be sure to determine with a partner a joint strategy of child upbringing. Thanks to this it will be easier for you to get used to new responsibilities.

Caring for his child can bring you many advantages that you have had no idea. You establish a link with a small man, which no one ever takes away from you, and friendship with a child can be wonderful! Secondly, you will learn how to treat children, are you ready to start your own child. In addition, this complicated situation can make your family stronger. Think about how many wonderful things you can make threesome!