Why hard to watch man straight in the eye?

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Why hard to watch man straight in the eye?

Probably, we all noticed that pets prefer not to watch a man straight into the eyes. The same can be said about the people themselves. It is impossible for more than a few seconds to withstand a direct look of the interlocutor, especially if it is very close. It would seem that all our fictions, because the eye has a studied structure and there is nothing terrible and supernatural in it.

It is no coincidence that there is a saying about the eyes as a mirror of the soul. But really the soul of all people are so stained and black? No, of course, however, in the eyes of each person (not counting children) there is the last experience, the pain and losses that they were experienced more than once, which gives the look some severity, severeness. In addition, the disgusting of the eyes, a person shows that he is not going to invade the personal space of another, it will not be how to read thoughts and try to deepen in the soul. This is the form of courtesy: removing your eyes, we show that we respect the person. And if there is a sympathy, love, then a straight look can give feelings.

Many people have a heavy, strong look, to withstand which is not under the power of anyone. These are energetically charismatic people, leaders in kind, for which there is no barriers. But the lungs in communication people have the same light look that does not permeate through, but envelops and eludes. By the way, the older man, the more expressive gaze.