Why is the fertile land getting tired?

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Why is the fertile land getting tired?

Many gardeners say that their fertile trees cease to grow, fall ill and subsequently die. Such a situation is observed mainly in an apple tree, a little less in a pear. Also, some bone plants are very sensitive to tired soil. Therefore, it is desirable not to plant young seedlings immediately after the emergence of the old tree.

Many experienced gardeners say that with constant growing one tree in place, the soil receives an excessive amount of nutrients, as a result of which the Earth loses its biological fertility. Such soil is called tired, so it should be placed by plants that are able to remove fatigue. You can also leave the land to relax for several years, and do not plant anything there.

In ancient times under adverse conditions of the soil, people threw it. After some time, they returned back, during this time the land had time to relax. As a result, she gave a rich harvest for several more years.

Many plants poison the soil at the place of growth, so they move on.

Review that the soil is tired, you can look at the kidneys. At this point, they do not appear, the plant is lagging behind in development. With severe toxicosis, the wood leaflets are twisted and fall. A few years after landing, the tree may die. At this moment it is advisable to notice and transplant it to a new place, and the selected area is left alone for several years.

The rapid fatigue of the soil may depend on the earth itself. If it is heavy, clay, then she gets tired after the second landing, and at the lungs will come a little later.

Sources of poisonous substances are not the allocation of the root system, but their remains. The soil gets tired when the old trees are irradiated, and the growth of subsequent young seedlings Florizine, formed after decomposing the roots of the apple tree.

Depending on fertility, composition and humidity, the cluster of the florizine will be different. If the soil is good fertile, it has a high humidity — this substance will not be much. Organic and mineral fertilizers allow you to reduce the biosynthesis of poison in roots and leaves, due to the enhanced rapid growth of the fertile tree.

Many wonder if the leaflets already contain Florizine, and they fall, do you need to burn them? This is not desirable to do, as you can take away the natural fertilizer at the soil. The fallen leaves are very quickly decomposed. Literally for the year they will not be on the ground. Due to the natural process, the soil receives a sufficient amount of nutrients.

Florizine, which enters the soil for trees who have been living for more than several years, does not harm. They lose the growth of only young trees and vegetable plants.

These poisonous substances are not movable throughout the garden. It is limited only to a crown of one tree. When transplanting a dying seedling to a new site, he comes into a healthy appearance and starts active growth. Also, with such a procedure, it can be understood that the plant does not ill infectious disease.

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