Why life in Russia is better than in the US

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Why life in Russia is better than in the US

I read this article today, where the author complains that it is impossible to live 1250 rubles per day for 3 people practical. I do not argue, it is difficult to live for this money, nor restaurants, no trip to Europe here …

And how do people live behind the sea, I have a friend, in the 90s I emigrated to the USA, then there really was better than here … And what does he talk about his new country, how does he have «good» there?

I will not claim where it is better and where worse, I just compare two countries. And then we are «all-side trafficking,» we want a salary as in the USA, and prices as in Russia.

We will not mention the average salary in Russia, honestly, that in our city the average salary is 25,000 rubles ….

I am a comrade adult and get a salary of about 40,000 rubles.

My friend in Los Angeles receives $ 4,000, which is 254920 rubles for our money (at today’s course, my mommy, I was so lived).

Well, naturally, my friend escaped forward, he removes the apartment, I also remove the apartment, because after a divorce, my wife and children left his wife and children …

I cry 8000 rubles + communal 3000, total 11,000 for housing …

Much, but you can live, one-room driver, is far from the center, but not on the outskirts, the apartment was absolutely furnished, with all the household appliances, I didn’t even have to buy plates.

My friend relieves the apartment, too, one-room, they really think this is different, on the bedrooms … That is, according to our modest calculations, two-room … and pays for it 2000 dollars. Do not amaze, such an apartment in the city of Angels is still cheap, because it is not in the Black Quarter and this is the only plus it. And on our rubles it will be 126860. I did not kilo, I will tell you … I have left the salary of 29,000, he has 127310 (in rubles).

But I forgot to calculate the communal service. Imagine it in his house water, though cold, for free (hot water, like heating, he does not have in sight). We consider it further, for the light and service of housing, it pays $ 100, 6343 for our money, another $ 25 for parking, it’s our 1585 rubles. Here, with apartments figured out …

I have 29,000 for my whole life he has 120967 (again, the reptile is a foreign, in win), well, nothing else will be.

I have a car, and I have loans, both paid, my insurance is 3900 per year, that is, 325 rubles per month, his insurance is 150 US dollars — a month. I spend 2500 per month for gasoline, it is somewhere 100 dollars. I never spend in the parking lot, the benefit in our city is free, it spends about $ 20 per month.

I am oil-filters and so much by changing myself, he has to go to a hundred, because there it is impossible to do it yourself … And here, on average counting, I spend 300 rubles per month, and it is $ 40 per month. And now we consider:

I spend on the maintenance of the car 3125, it is 19623 rubles, the balance of salaries … This is me — 25875, and this is it — 101344 (Gad and bourgeois, go to America too), but no …

Take what we do not have all year, I am an adult healthy man and he is an adult healthy man. I am in this case in this case I will spend 0, and it pays insurance, monthly — 300 dollars. Total I stay at my 25875, and he is 82342 (still a lot of money for us seems to live and do not be sad).

But it was not there that, cellular communication and the Internet in Los Angeles not Darmova, all this will cost you $ 200 (can be met in 150, but a friend says that then there is no connection bad and the Internet in the evening, but I’m like a «all-internet» I do not believe, he just wages, so I will calculate as $ 150), I had everything in 700 rubles. The result, my residue is 25175, its residue is 72827 (already nehlyo). If we were both smoked, then our earnings would be equal to, but thank God, we were kicked up.

And now food, I’m fine for 15,000 per month, I can even relax on the weekend … I dinner in the canteen. He, together with the weekend and dinners in fast food takes 1100-1200 dollars a month.

Final outcome: my residue is 10,000 (rounded, well, you never know, an extra bun somewhere was lying around), his residue is 3000 rubles … Therefore, I finished the work at six o’clock, «closed the mouth» (as in the joke about the boss) and advanced home, And he remained on refinement to get an additional income.

Or, a month without fast food and on chicken chips, with a bat instead of bread … And also, I forgot to mention that they have apartments there absolutely without furniture, if you removed the apartment, you also furnish it.

And if you do not believe me, you will check everything yourself.

To the question why they are not returned from there, since everything is bad there, I can answer one thing: as my friend said, I will not have experience in Russia, I will be worse. Yes, and shamefully somehow, I drove for the best life, and it turns out that everywhere is the same …

Somewhere in kopecks, I could make a little wrong, but the point, I hope everyone is understandable …

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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