Why people eat snot from the nose and how to wean a child from this

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Why people eat snot from the nose and how to wean a child from this

As a child, Mom regularly intimidated by the fact that if they do not stop picking his finger in the nose, I was waiting for a planning outcome: either a broken finger, or a deadly poisoning from the contents of the nostrils.

And she said it by the sinister voice of the evil sorcerer from a terrible fairy tale, threatened with his finger and at the same time added: «I go, ask the dad — and it will be!».

In the children’s imagination, terrible paintings were drawn, in which the evil cyavka with relatives ruthlessly broke the index finger. At the same time, we ordered from the desire to ask dad about his «rich experience», but the parent and the thumb, and index, and the middle, and Unnamed, and the little finger were in place, which means that there is a chance to leave dry from the water.

So why is a man eating a goat? Is this harmful and do not apply to the signs of mental deflection or (pah three times) of serious pathology?

A child at the most gentle age will give odds to a nominated researcher to divide the microparticles or the process of the half-life of uranium atoms — he needs to know everything. Everything!

And, oddly enough, the nose and the contents of the nostril remains secret for his seven seals, and snot is a real delicacy: maybe there are not enough vitamins, calcium, microelements in the body, if the harmful habit does not let go to old age.

I admit honestly, for the finger in my nose, I was over a couple of times, so that «Mom, do not burn!». Father said that the goat from the nose from now on and will forever become my only dish. And in the depths of the soul I did not mind! But if their eating was considered such a mortal sin, what will happen if there is a goat?!

I was very surprised when I heard the assumption of a Canadian scientist that the eating of his own mucus and the goatura is an instinctive process, whose mission is to strengthen the immunity (here as!).

And what if it is transmitted genetically inherited?! The imagination was vividly painted by my distant ancestor with nine clean nostrils, who eats a goat with appetite, encouraging the organism to synthesize the antibodies to the viruses and primitive microorganisms accumulated in them. Yes, and winks! Look, they say, to whom I owe your immunity! Flu vaccine or measles!

I mentally shuddered and began to feverishly to figure it out when I was last time I took a hospital …. What if? … so well, in FIG … no one in life is convincing me in the benefits of a man’s health.

Are there any goats? Definitely: No.

I asked this question once a hundred: my mother, my grandmother, an educator in kindergarten (only at the teacher in the first grade he was glad to ask). The child I was inquisitive and everything tried to understand: why do you have a goat and it’s tasty. What are they made from?

By the way, not all adults know the answer to this question! The human snot if you perceive it in the formula formula contains the following components:

This friendly company penetrates the nose with inhaled air. And here, lysozyme, immunoglobulins, contained in the secreet of the mucous, are engaged in the fight against uninhabited guests, and begin to destroy the enemy ruthlessly. As a result, at least 50% of the dead microbes remained on the «battlefield», and the Kozulus is a symbiosis of living and dead organisms with dried mucus. A kind of shield blocking the path of malicious bacteria to the respiratory organs.

When a person removes his crusts, the shield is updated over time. But it is worth disposal of them in its own stomach — a big question.

Indeed, what unites this specific trio? Baby, exploring its own body, tastes everything that can be removed from the nose, including. Plus, Nakhodka needs to carefully consider, be lost between the fingers and … .. Where is it then?! It is impossible to throw away — the grip with a finger is excellent, wipe on clothes — they will see others. And where to go? Put in your mouth! Another thing is that it develops into a habit.

And the ride green snot is the native brothers of a bacterial infection — the diet extends the mother’s hospital for at least a few days.

As for adults … I do not know how others, but I, Csuko, constantly see these fucking «Speakers» around itself !!! And okay it would be bums from the nearest gateway or illiterate migrant workers. Nothing like this!

Why comes the goat readers in the public library, students of universities for vanity abstracts and other representatives of the modern intelligentsia. Indeed, with age in adults develops squeamishness. Only when there are alone with themselves, some sin with such an overlap. The finger stretches to the nose involuntarily, stopping from the secret corners of the accumulated «wealth».

It is not so easy to refuse this bad habit, there is still the power of the will. Full control and self-discipline for daily awareness of each of its movement. As soon as the temptation defeated, I remember immediately why there is no goat — on the tips of the fingers really concentrated unthinkable copies of all sorts of microbes, which, when contacting the mucous membrane, is stacked into the body as children in the winter on the pope.

For particularly sensitive natures with a thin soulful organization: it is recommended to purchase rosary. And the hands are busy, and the image again))

To whom the first occurred to the head, what to take a goat in the mouth is a Tryndets What Movetona. «I drink me with your tears» — it means art. And I slightly dug my finger in the nose and the soda sent prey to the mouth — so immediately «Fuuuuuu».

Such judgments are a certain cliché: well, people nail themselves, in the end. By the way, one of my friends managed to nibble them even on my feet — honestly))) They say that this is sinning creative, talented people, with a nontrivial look at things. Well, I don’t know … Mentioned by me familiar — Eternally drunk (either with a hangover) A free artist screaming on every corner about the spiritual wounds of the genius-kissed God.

Why people eat the goat, and at the same time hurt under the oppression of condemnation. Perhaps these are the same geniuses, only clamped and modest to the bone’s brain. They do not have money for a whisching bottle to embalm the same spiritual wounds, but he dug in a nose, as I died, and order. But you need to be prepared for the fact that for those surrounding this bad habit will affect the assessment of your personality, whether you are at least seven spans in the forehead.

What is this me … take the judge’s place and hang labels — not my role. Why is a man eating a nose cyavki, the reasons that prompted him to join the category of «rejected» are not particularly important. After all, most adults do it in full solitude.

And in principle, can there be a goat? We will argue logically: each of us daily receives a portion of the nasal mucus, which through the nasophalit penetrates into the throat. During the runny nose, we are inconspicuously with a nose, swallowing the same snot without much constraint. In the presence of other people. Because it is even more complicated to be frowning with strangers, but it’s not always possible to retire.

The river flows from the nose, we apologize and shrimp, using the same snot in liquid form. By the way, it is noted that a particularly beautiful gender always amazed men, sagging on the street. Oh, this disgusting vile show causes to shudder all passers-by who are within walking distance from the «knight of the day».

A powerful retractor movement, accompanied by a terrible hoarse whistle, the contents of the nose sucks in the throat, then exhaust into the mouth and is loudly spitted onto the pavement. A curtain.

…. I know who, as, and even a couple of times, almost turned inside out next to this is a moral freak. To her God, it would be better if he devoured his snot in my eyes.

But now I know how to stop there are goats))

According to scientists, the statists, about 97% of people are smelted from the nose of the goat at least four times a day. An interesting statement …

By the way, such picking traumament the protective barrier of the mucous membrane, sometimes suffer from small hair, holding dust, dirt and toxins. Open wounded even a small size is an ideal place for breeding bacteria. It is better to rebuild — to solve the problem, the conventional cream «Rescuer», «Malavit» and fashionable seaside-based sprays are suitable.

Folk Medicine — our all! I read two faithful tools on the old rubber calendar: to attach to the nose tolerant hot boiled potatoes, and then consolidate the result inserted into the nostrils to turtle, moistened in sea buckthorn oil. You also do not know what Turund is? Translated to the conversational Russian, this is a cotton swab.

The bloody goat can signal about a number of diseases — from scarlet and measles to hypovitaminosis. The displacement (curvature) of the nasal partitions also deliver a lot of problems and actively contribute to the formation of dried crusts to the liquid snot. Decide the issue will help visit a good ENT — doctor.

Many of us are asked by the question «Why are the goat salns»? Surely, scientists of men can present scientific hypotheses about the principles of the formation of snotes, but I tend to the most simple version — all fluids in the body have salty taste, including vital products. And our goat is no exception!

There are things that do not change: we are born, we live, work, give birth to children. Evolution with confident kicks pusals us to the highest level of development, but every generation is asked the same question: why do people eat snot?

The obsessive habit of the same way was very good for both the peasant children and the noble siblings. «A child with a finger in the nose» — a portrait with this name could decorate a family collection in any corner of the world.

Why do we care about us so much? Is it really an epidemic, mor, a plague, capable of telling the human race? Or does someone suffer from this habit? Ate, eat and there will be a goat all generations of earthlings. «Infuriates!» — They say those surrounding in the back in the back, picking in the nose. Yes, I am also infuriated.

For me, this process is conspited with the cleaning of the ears. Imagine: Here I collect a cotton wand The contents of the ear shell, take out and lick lick …. Oh no! Shoot me immediately if you live to this day!

Admit to honestly, gentlemen — the former «meaders of Kozul» with the experience, where are the hiding what they did in the nose? According to the social range in a circle of his loved ones (it was necessary to guarantee anonymity), the top of the most popular answers was compiled:

No one admitted in use! And if they admitted, I would not condemn. Honestly. Let’s laughed yes forgotten. The habits are not contagious, and no parent has yet blurted out his child, putting out the studies of his own nose …