Why should subordinates be humiliated before the boss?

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Why should subordinates be humiliated before the boss?

Are the complaints of subordinate to the fact that they have to obey the instructions of the chief? Some bosses are self-directed, using their right to not just issue instructions, but also morally humiliate employees. Of course, as a person who still requires a respectful relationship, such a behavior of the chief is simply annoying. But can the head so highly behave in relation to the subordinate?

It seems to people that if they pose and do not oppose the Khamsky relations of the head, they are humiliated for the sake of money. After all, the chief decides who to work, and pays wages. But is it a humiliation: to get a job yourself, to endure the tricks of what you work for, and getting the money to which I agreed? People often confuse the usual relationship between friends with a working environment. If among friends you are equal partners, respectively, you can demand a respectful relationship, then at work there is a hierarchy, where one who is higher has the right to behave in relation to those who are lower, as he wants.

Subordinates do not humiliate before the boss, when they obediently fulfill its orders, listen to claims and criticism. Every person has a choice, work with this boss or quit from the company not to endure bullying. When applying to work, everyone should understand that he himself agrees to be subordinate to another. And there is nothing humering in that you simply perform your working responsibilities. You yourself agreed to work, now and get the consequences of your decision. Among people whose relationships are built on the hierarchy, it is in the order of things.