Work at home: how not to become a victim of fraudsters?

17 Сен

Work at home: how not to become a victim of fraudsters?

The Internet is literally shot by the announcements offering homework. Options All possible: making crafts, bracelets and the like. However, it is usually a harsh reality behind a beautiful signboard. So, how not to please in the trap of scammers?

1) Pay attention to the nature of the production or service and the price, which is willing to pay. Market law: Unqualified work cannot be paid expensive, otherwise the business quickly becomes unprofitable. If the same handles or hairpins are standing, for example, five rubles — then for the assembly, you cannot offer half of the cost. In addition, the goods of mass consumption are manufactured on an industrial scale using an automated line — so much cheaper.

2) Carefully examine the contact details. If the site details are posted on the site — location, TIN and OGRN — check them through free extract from the register on the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. If it does not match, let’s say, the address is already thinking.

3) If in the Feedback section, the Customer only indicates an e-mailbox, without a phone number — almost certainly your calls and possible claims there will be no glad.

4) If you are offered to send materials, after you list some amount of money to the specified account in any bank. After that, in most cases, contact the supplier will not be possible — see above.

5) Even if the potential employer has all the signs of a serious office — try another check — the network reviews can tell a lot to protect from the rampant step.

And last. If all of the above recommendations did not help, and you still fell victim to fraudsters — contact the police. Maybe it is your statement that will form a multi-volume criminal case. Do not forget it.