Your close drinks alcohol (beer). And heard about conversion?

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Your close drinks alcohol (beer). And heard about conversion?

Human behavior that

At the same time, in time, there is a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness, they can somehow feel their own guilt in the current situation. People who abuse alcohol and being skilled manipulators are trying to exacerbate this feeling, and it often succeeds. Close strains in attempts at any cost «do not give a reason» drink. Often, closestly trying at any cost to save the unreplicated reputation of the dependent person (and at the same time and their own reputation), hiding or embelling his actions. Life is organized in such a way that the needs of the dependent person are primarily satisfied. The own needs of a close person go to the background and rarely satisfied.

Such relations are called compliance, and it can be as destructive for humans, as well as alcohol addiction.

For a treating person, the following behavior is characterized:

Not all close people develop consideration. Psychologists believe that people with low self-esteem are becoming faster, more often inclined to take over the whole guilt.

Very important

If you have become compatible and try to get rid of it, you must make something for this for this. Only you can cope with it.

To get help, contact a suitable psychologist at the place of residence. You can come to the reception and to the family doctor, which if necessary, will send you to a specialist.

There are groups of self-help for close alcoholics. Detailed information and help can be obtained in family

For adult children, people with alcohol addiction exist their support groups.

Support and understanding can also be obtained, for example, on the Support Forum